Naomi Bütow | About
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About me

A visionary, and determined entrepreneur who inspires many moms on a daily basis as she helps transform them from Mom to Mompreneurs!

My biography

Naomi Paul-Bütow is – apart from an passionate Entrepreneur and the Mommy of Mommy Mall SA – a marketing consultant and strategist. She’s the founder of Market Tree Consultancy and co-founder of an online marketing agency called Lift Marketing.

Naomi provides a strategic planning service for individual business owners, as well as group training on topics such as marketing, branding, customer relationship management and market research.

Naomi’s spoken at various conferences and has lined up prominent clients including companies such as Media24, Investec and the Mark Schuttleworth Foundation. She has trained over 1 500 people since 2005.

Power Perspective

In business, every minute counts – therefore, make every moment a momentous moment. Success sprouts from successive meaningful events.

Career Highlight(s)

I Founded Mommy Mall SA – my project from the heart in Nov ’14. The initiative, the first Mom-to-mom peer-to-peer online platform in South Africa. It is truly pioneering. Since it’s launch, Mommy Mall SA has seen a member growth of over 63 000 economically active women who joined in the commercial concept.

Mission statement

I have one goal in everything I do, especially Mommy Mall SA: to provide for our children. If mothers stand together and hold hands in business, they can afford a less stressful lifestyle, which, in turn, rubs off on the children.

Case studies include anything from mothers being able to put food on the table, buy birthday gifts for the first time in years, save and even pay Tertiary education. In South Africa, 60 % of all mothers are raising their children on their own. I want to create change by empowering women to grow their businesses.

Press features

Naomi’s has been featured in various media across South Africa.