Naomi Bütow | An inspirational story that warms my heart…
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An inspirational story that warms my heart…

This story from Babalooli Gifts Founder, Daylene inspires me so much that I just have to share it!

“I have always been creative and have tried many times throughout the years to sell my wares with a only a bit of success. I think part of the problem was advertising was extremely expensive and and there was no social media in the beginning. I love giving original gifts and have always taken a lot of thought into each gift I gave. I made quite a few diaper cakes for friends for presents for their new born babies/ grandchildren. Soon people were asking if they supplied everything could I do something different for a gift for them to give.

Hello.. Light bulb moment – I could charge for what I was doing. I only did diaper cakes in the beginning, but soon branched out to gifts for special occasions.

My main breakthrough came in December 2016 when I stumbled on the idea of filling the heat changing Pacman mugs with coffee & biscuits  for Christmas.  I had so many orders I had to get my son to help me pack.

Business stated in March 2016.  I am a mommy of two grown children who both live overseas and two beautiful grandchildren, and with having no children here I seemed to have quite some spare time to spend.

A wife of a colleague at work told me that I should try and  join some of the Mommy groups. Well I searched  Facebook  and found another Mommy group, and me not having small kids, I didn’t see it as an advertising platform and the nastiness and sometime even viciousness was quite unpleasant.

I then discovered MommyMall 🙂  I sat on sidelines  for a while and watched.  I first started advertising in June 2016  but most of the time I only placed ads late at night as I still had a day time job. Slowly I started gaining the confidence to respond to requests when mommies asked for items.

I was persistent in my advertising and learned that even if no one commented on my post I learned that it had been seen and if I just kept at it people would remember my name.  Slowly the orders started coming from MM – such an amazing feeling.

I also quickly discovered that I felt safe and secure and would not be ridiculed or receive negative comments or that my wares would be compared to a non-MommyMall business.

I just kept plodding along three times a week doing my advertising bit. It has paid off as now today there are so many mommies who I have not met or not had any business dealings with yet they recommend my Babalooli business when other mommies are looking for items.

I realized there was a gap and a lot of mommies were looking for bulk items not always just gifts as I was doing. I had many connections with quite a few wholesalers, so I was able to quote on all sorts of items from photo frames to torches to wooden spoons in bulk.

Because of MommyMall my business has grown to the extent that I felt confident enough to get someone to help me over the festive season as I felt that I would get enough business from the moms and would not be able to cope on  my own as I still have a full time job. I have elderly parents who I have to take care of and because Babalooli is growing the way it is this helps to ease the burden of my financial commitment that I have to my parents.

I have bought from many Mommies for personal use and and I forged relationships with quite a few mommies who are now my suppliers that I use in my gift packages. I have made new friends (young and old) with mommies who I would normally not have had the pleasure of meeting.

I love the system that governs MM and that is what makes it so unique and makes it work as smoothly as it does. I am very active on MM – I do wish I had the time to be admin to help out more, but I do run another full time business that puts the roof over my head – Babalooli is my sideline business my passion and mine alone that I have built up on my own. But it would not have grown nor would I have had the confidence in myself and what I had to offer if I didn’t have the amazing group of Mommy Mall.

What Naomi Butow has done is truly remarkable, as there are so many mommies in the same situation as I was and MM empowers us to believe in ourselves, it gives us confidence to showcase our work without the threat of being ridiculed or belittled. It is just the the total opposite, we are uplifted, encouraged and supported.  I do not know of ANY organization like MommyMall.”

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